CheerBandz CORE

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So you want to be an Elite Cheer Athlete?  Don’t listen to the hype around the “all inclusive” workout, or an aerobic exercise that is not proven to build power and stability.  Don’t jump at the next gimmick on the market that does absolutely nothing to develop you as an athlete…Sure those things can be fun and are typically covered with rhinestones…but who has time for that?  It’s time the cheer industry makes the change and elevates athlete development to the top of the priority list.

The most critical part of your athletic make up is your core.  Most athletes, coaches and parents may immediately think “abs” when they see “CORE“, but your abs are such a small part of the function of your core.

The core is central.  It is foundational.  All Athletic movement begins there.  The core is responsible for generating and stabilizing the energy that is passed on to the extremities.  So, why are we getting so focused on this program?  It’s simple, if you don’t have a developed core, you are setting yourself up to fall short of your goals and you’re begging for an injury.

What makes “CORE” different?  It’s not just another workout.  “CORE” is a development program.  We have loaded it with material.  Truthfully more than you can imagine until you get started.

What’s included:

  • 4 Instructional DVD’s:
    • DVD 1:  Introductions, Education and Demonstrations
    • DVD 2:  Warm Up and Stretch
    • DVD 3:  An intense 4 progression CORE workout
    • DVD 4:  Bonus:  Advanced Workout
  • CB Trainer:  The CB Suspension Trainer is a critical tool.  It will allow you to reduce limitations of floor training.  With it you are able to enter a different dimension of core training.
  • Balance Pad:  The CheerBandz Balance Pad is used primarily for hip, knee and ankle strength and stability.  Flyers, if you aren’t using a CheerBandz Balance Pad, you are not competing anywhere near your maximum capacity.  We’ll show you how to use it most effectively.
  • Foam Roller:  The CheerBandz Foam Roller will be new to most of you.  We introduce and educate you on why you need to include it in your daily routine.  When you think prep and muscle recovery you should think CheerBandz Foam Roller.
  • 6 CheerBandz:  We couldn’t leave out the orginal CheerBandz.  They will be used to strengthen lower extremities.

GET READY!  You are nearing the most inclusive CORE development program on the market for athletes…Especially Cheer Athletes!

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